6 April 2013

F is for Family Historian 5

Family Historian is a brilliant example of genealogical software provided by Calico Pie. I have now been using it since version 2 and I would find it very difficult to change.

Most of your work is done from the "focus window" where you can add family members and update their lives.

Family Historian provides an amazing array of options for charting your family tree.

And when you want to write your book about your ancestors Family Historian's publishing feature compiles all your information into ready made documents, CDs or websites.

As well as great advice from the makers of Family History there is also an active User Group, FHUG, available online managed by the very able Jane Taubman.

In addition there are a range of training opportunities in the use of Family Historian available from providers such as the Society of Genealogists and My-History.