5 April 2013

E is for Electoral Registers

I have only just recently really started to look into the Electoral Registers as a method of widening my family history research. This came about when I realised that they were now available on Ancestry.

These are two pages from the Register of Electors of Electors in 1935 for the Noel Park Ward of Wood Green in North London.

A close up of 4 Brampton Park Road N22,

shows a number of families sharing one house. This includes my grandfather and grandmother Michael and Molly Doheny. Interstingly I had always known my grandmother as Mary so the nickname Molly used in an official document like the Register of Electors came as quite a surprise. By the next year, 1936, she had not only moved home to 46 Park Ridings, N22 but she was now entered as Mary.

What might you be able to find in the electoral registers?